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If you have been struggling to find a reliable and efficient news source for all things Middle East, look no further. is a continuous stream of news articles pulled from many different news outlets, all chronicling the daily occurrences of the Middle East.

So, if you want to keep up to date with the constantly shifting world of the Middle East this is the website for you.

News Update – Syria – April 12th, 2012

President Assad of Syria, the center-point of this escalating conflict

You may or may not know that quite the violent and controversial conflict (borderline civil war) is occurring right now in Syria (and spilling over into Lebanon).  This is an issue that anyone interested in the Middle East needs to study up and be informed on.  To do so go to this New York Times Page and educate yourself on the tragic and momentous happenings in Syria in recent weeks and in the coming days –  Just a heads up.

Upcoming Event: Sawyer Seminar on Human Rights

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28 at 9:00 a.m. in The University Club, Room 313.

“What is the Human?  Human Rights and Developments in Technology and the Life Sciences”

Noa Vaisman, the HRI post-doctoral fellow, has provided this introduction to the seminar:

In recent years, rapid developments in scientific knowledge and technologies have been challenging us to reconsider our human condition. From the new genetics to biometric identification techniques, from stem cells to new pharmaceuticals, these technological innovations and emerging scientific knowledge are calling into question Western assumptions about race, gender, class and the boundaries of the human body. Although many studies on these topics have been done to date, the impact of developments in the life sciences on our current understanding of human rights has not received as much attention. How should our conception of the human and of rights change in response to these emerging technologies? How should human rights laws and discourse change in response to new forms of knowledge? What moral guidelines and social structures are shaping our understanding of these emerging forms? The Human Rights Sawyer Seminar aims to answer these questions by both mapping out recent research in the intersection of human rights and the life sciences and by exploring new and productive directions in this interdisciplinary project.

Hosted by the Human Rights Initiative of UW Madison.

Upcoming Event: New ‘Honor Crimes’: Gay Rights, Authenticity and the Secret in Muslim Communities

Katherine Ewing, Anthropology. Sponsored by Gender and Women’s Studies.  Thursday, January 27, 3:30 pm, 3401 Sterling Hall, 475 North Charter Street.

Professor Ewing is currently doing research on how Muslims negotiate the ethical dilemmas generated by the confrontation of gay rights discourse, globally circulating interpretations of Islam, and local expectations surrounding sexual behavior in various Muslim communities.  Her talk focuses on how the idea of “honor killing” as a confrontation of Muslim sexualities and human rights crystallizes through phenomena such as the German film “When we Leave” (“Die Fremde,”) which has recently been nominated for an Academy Award.

For information, visit, email, or call 608-263-4704.

Internship Opportunity: The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) Legal Department is looking for motivated, self-starter law students who want a great experience in Washington, DC, this summer. Interns will be working closely with ADC attorneys on an array of issues. Interns are expected to commit 40 hours per week, starting in late May. The program ends in early August.

Interns will have the opportunity to work on a number of cases involving civil rights. Cases will be in the areas of immigration law, employment discrimination, educational discrimination, housing discrimination, freedom of speech matters, public accommodations, hate crimes and family law issues. Interns will also have the opportunity to represent the organization at various meetings and conferences, and develop a vast network with a number of government and professional agencies in the DC area.

Law students who are taking or have already taken courses in immigration law, employment discrimination law, and/or civil rights and remedies law are strongly encouraged to apply. Previous legal and policy experience at a non-profit group or a legal clinic is highly desirable. Demonstrated interest in these areas is also required. Strong legal research and writing are required. Bilingual ability in Arabic and English is helpful but not required.


Applications for summer internships with the Legal Department are due by March 1. Applications for other departments are due March 15. Later applications will be considered, but early applicants will be given priority.

What You Need to Apply:

Completed application form


Academic transcript

Two letters of recommendation

Two-page personal statement about your goals as an ADC intern and how your academic, professional, or campus and community activities or career goals are related to the position you requested.

Mail completed package to:

ADC Anthony Shadid Internship Program – Legal Department

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)

1732 Wisconsin Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20007

For more information, call 202-244-2990 or email ADC Legal Director Abed Ayoub at

Upcoming Event: Sawyer Seminar on Human Rights

What: Sawyer Seminar on Rethinking Human Rights for the 21st Century: “Rethinking Human Rights and the Environment”

Sponsored By: UW-Madison Human Rights Initiative, Global Legal Studies Center, Division of International Studies, International Institute, Global Studies.

When: Friday, December 3 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Where: Law School, Room 3250

Speakers and panelists include:

  • Scott Straus: Associate Professor of Political Science, Director of the Human Rights Initiative (UW-Madison)
  • Richard Hiskes, Professor of Political Science (University of Connecticut)
  • Hari Osofsky, Associate Professor of Law (University of Minnesota)
  • Philippe Cullet, Professor of International and Environmental Law (University of London)
  • Sumudu Atapattu, Associate Director of the Global Legal Studies Center (UW-Madison Law School)

Upcoming Film: “Under the Bombs”

Film Screening: “Under the Bombs”

When: Monday, November 8 at 6:00 pm

Where: Birge Hall, Room B-302

Next Monday, the Center for Middle East Studies will screen the fourth movie in its Fall Film Series. “Under the Bombs” is an award-winning film about the Israel-Lebanon conflict of 2006, positively reviewed for its discussion of human rights, religious tolerance, and cross-cultural communication.

Admission is free, and all films are screened in room B-302 of Birge Hall at 6:00 p.m. Please see below for our complete schedule:

Under the Bombs (November 8th)
Le Grand Voyage (November 29th)
Daughter of Keltoum (December 14th)

These movies were produced in a variety of countries, and they address important issues such as religion, gender dynamics, and the lives of children in conflict zones.