Fall 2012 Middle East Studies Course List

Here is the new and updated list of all the exciting courses you can take this fall to fulfill your Middle East studies certificate – or if you want to learn more about the dynamic and increasingly important region of the Middle East.  E-mail cmes@mideast.wisc.edu if you have any questions about the classes listed here, or about the major, or about the Middle East in general – we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.  Good luck in the coming semester and whatever classes you may choose!

-Middle East Studies Program

Fall 2012 Courses in Middle East Studies

Core Course

LCA 266: Introduction to the Middle East

Introductory Languages

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 101: First Semester Modern Hebrew

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 103/303: Elementary Biblical Hebrew

African Languages and Literature – LCA Language 321: First Semester Arabic

LCA Language 339: First Semester Turkish

LCA Language 363: First Semester Persian

 Religion and Culture –

Religious Studies 211: Introduction to Judaism

Religious Studies 271: Religion in History & Culture: The West

LCA-Religious Studies 370: Islam: Religion and Culture

History and Social Science –

History-LCA-Religious Studies 205:  Islamic World:  Middle East, 500-1500 C.E.

History-Medieval Studies-Religious Studies 309: Crusades: Christianity, Judaism & Islam

History-Religious Studies 379: Islam in Iran

Jewish Studies 665: Israeli Politics and Society

Advanced Language Courses (May count for UP to 3 credits) –

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 301: Introduction to Hebrew Literature

African Languages & Literatures- LCA Language 323: Third Semester Arabic

LCA Language 439: Third Semester Turkish

LCA Language 445: Readings – Advanced Arabic Texts – Contemporary Arabic Fiction

LCA Language 463: Third Semester Persian

LCA Language 539:  Fifth Semester Turkish & Azeri

LCA Language 563: Fifth Semester Persian

LCA Language 601: Seventh Semester Turkish – Azeri

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 605: Syriac I

Elective Courses –

Medieval Studies-History-Religious Studies 112:  Late Antiquity (200-900 C.E.)

Literature in Translation 214: Literatures of Central Asia in Translation

Literature in Translation 257: Literature of Muslim Societies

LCA 236 – Bascom Course: Culture and Imperialism Along the Silk Road

LCA 314: Literature of Central Asia

LCA 357: Literature of Muslim Societies

LCA 379: Cities of Asia*

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 201: Introduction to Hebrew Literature

Hebrew & Semitic Studies 217: Introduction to Biblical Literature

Hebrew & Semitic Studies 241: Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 401: Survey of Modern Hebrew Literature

Hebrew and Semitic Studies – Jewish Studies 448: Classical Rabbinic Texts

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 451:  Biblical Archaeology I Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 513:  Biblical Texts, Poetry

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 533: Readings in Contemporary Hebrew Literature

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 655: Psalms

History of Science-Medical History & Bioethics-Population Health Sciences 553: International Health and Global Society

* Course may not yet show up in DARS, please address Professor Uli Schamiloglu

(uschamil@wisc.edu) with questions.

fall-20l2-course-list – Pdf document for the 2012 course schedule for Middle East Studies