Middle East News – August 1st

Ultra-Orthodox Jews previously exempt from Israel’s military conscription are no longer exempt with the passing of new legistlation

– An interactive guide to track officials who have defected from Assad’s regime in the past few months – Al-Jazeera

– A new Egyptian cabinet has been officially declared, over a month after Mohammad Morsi became Egypt’s president – Al-Bawaba

– Kofi Annan has resigned as the UN’s special envoy to Syria, citing disappointment with the lack of change he has been able to exert from that position – CNN

– Israel’s army has been told to begin preparations to draft ultra-orthodox Jews who were previously exempt from military conscription – Al-Jazeera

– New videos show that Syrian rebels have performed public executions of soldiers still loyal to Assad’s regime – Al-Jazeera

– Hamas is resisting pressure from the UN that Holocaust history be taught in schools run by the UN in Palestinian territory – BBC

– President Obama has signed a secret order allowing the CIA to provide aid to Syrian rebels and those trying to leave the Syrian civil war – Al-Bawaba

– Brunei, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all sent their first women in history to the London Olympics, see how they are doing – CNN

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