Middle East News – July 24th

Hesham Qandil, the newly appointed prime minister of Egypt tasked with forming a new coalition government

– Assad’s forces have launched a counterattack in the important city of Aleppo, large areas of which were recently seized by rebel forces – BBC

– Egyptian president Morsi has named former irrigation minister Hesham Qandil as the new Prime Minister and tasked him with forming a new government – Al-Jazeera

– Yesterday was the deadliest day of 2012 in Iraq as 103 people were killed around the country in a series of clashes – CNN

– The trial of Iraq’s ex-vice president Tariq al-Hashemi, accused of running death squads under Saddam Hussein, has been delayed after the prosecutions attempts to call the reigning president of Iraq to the stand was denied – Al-Jazeera

– Bulgarian officials have announced that the bomber implicated in last week’s Burgas bombing was part of ‘a group’ – BBC

– Libyan diver Soyan al Gadi is hoping to be the first Libyan olympian to earn a medal in the upcoming 2012 Olympics – Al-Bawaba

– Iraqi officials have announced that Al-Qaeda members are again fomenting civil unrest in Iraq – CNN

– Another Syrian diplomat (this one to Cyprus) has defected from the Assad regime, becoming the third diplomat to defect in the last month – Al-Jazeera

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