Middle East News – July 17th

The Sudanese pound has inflated 37% in value in the last few months, further signs that Sudan’s already impoverished economy is unraveling

– An alliance of political parties generally seen as liberal have made substantial gains in the first democratic election in Libya after the fall of the Gaddafi regime – BBC

– India has asked the United Arab Emirates to investigate an incident yesterday where a US navy ship fired upon Indian fishermen off the coast of the UAE, killing one – Al-Jazeera

– Israel has announced that it will construct the first ever university in the West Bank on the confines of one of the many controversial settlements in that reason – BBC

– Fighting in the Syrian capital of Damascus intensified today with dozens of casualties reported and Syrian soldiers attacking rebels in helicopter gunships – CNN

– The United States has announced that it is building a ‘missile defense radar’ in Qatar, a sign that the two countries are cooperating at a higher degree as tensions with neighboring Iran increase – Al-Jazeera

– The Red Cross’ announcement declaring the Syrian conflict as a ‘civil war’ is seen by some to be evidence that the Geneva Convention rules under which the Red Cross made this declaration could be used to end the violence in Syria – CNN

– The Sudanese pound continues to lose ground to the US dollar, continuing recent trends of rapid inflation that can only hurt an already floundering economy – Al-Bawaba

– Israel’s Kadima party has left the coalition formed by Prime Minister Ben Netanyahu over disputes concerning Netanyahu’s desire to extend military conscription to ultra-Orthodox Jews – BBC


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