Middle East News – July 16th

The USS Rappahannock, the vessel which fired on a small motor boat off the coast of the United Arab Emirates as tensions between the United States and Iran heighten

– US Secretary of Defense, Hilary Clinton, has declared that the United States will do everything within its power in order to prevent Iran from finishing their nuclear weapons program – BBC

– Saudi Arabia’s intelligence has experienced a major leak in what has been called the equivalent of the security leak experienced by Syria in the past month – Al-Bawaba

– A US Navy vessel fired on a small motor boat off the coast of the United Arab Emirates after the boat refused to acknowledge the hails of the US ship, killing one.  This comes as US naval presence is the Persian Gulf heightens in reaction to Iran’s threats to close the Straits of Hormuz – BBC

– Russia has issued a stern declaration against Saudi Arabia’s continued suppression of the pro-democracy protests in Eastern Saudi Arabia in the past week – Al-Bawaba

– Ex-Egyptian President Mubarak has been ordered back to prison after officials remarked that his health has improved dramatically – BBC

– A key defector from the Syria regime has stated that the Assad regime will not hesitate to use chemical weapons in its fight against rebel forces – BBC

– Relatives of inmates held in Gaza prisons have been allowed to visit those imprisoned for the first time in five years in a dramatic change in Israeli policy – BBC


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