Middle East News – July 15th

Field Marshal Tantawi, the Egyptian general who has vowed to keep ‘certain political groups’ from gaining too much control in the country

– The Syrian government is actively moving around chemical weapons stockpiles in order to keep them safe and away from ‘rebel’ hands – CNN

– The United Arab Emirates has completed a pipeline that allows oil to be shipped passed the Straits of Hormuz, meaning that Iranian threats the block the straits are no longer a threat to the region’s oil supplies – Al-Jazeera

– The United States’ influence in the Middle East is rapidly waning, especially in Egypt and Israel – CNN

– Field Marshall Tantawi, leader of Egypt’s military, says that he will ‘push back’ against political groups, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, to make sure no particular group takes control of the country – Al-Jazeera

– One of Syria’s top diplomats who recently defected has publicly said that the only way to topple the Assad regime will be through force, not diplomacy – CNN

– Religious police in Iran have begun to target cafes all over the culture for sponsoring ‘anti-religious’ activity, such as the smoking of hookah by women – Al-Jazeera

– Arab youths are not reading as much as in generation’s past, continuing a decade of literacy decline in the Arab world – Al-Bawaba

– Iran has offered to host diplomatic talks relating to the Syrian conflicts, though no other countries have yet taken them up on their offer – CNN

– The Red Cross has officially (and finally) declared that the conflict in Syria is a civil war, which means that international humanitarian aid can now be sent to the country – Al-Jazeera

– Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has accused the Iranian government of sponsoring a recently foiled terrorist attack on ‘Israeli interests’ in Cyprus – Al-Bawaba


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