Middle East News – July 12th

Dalma Rushdi Malhas, one of the two female athletes that Saudi Arabia will be sending to the London Olympics for the first time.

– Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi made his first foreign visit as Egyptian president to Saudi Arabia yesterday to discuss security relations between the two nations – Al-Jazeera

– A key Syrian diplomat has defected from the regime and arrived in Qatar, another blow for the foundering Assad regime – Al-Bawaba

– Manaf Tlas, the Syrian general who defected last week, has begun talks with the opposition groups in Syria.  He could become a key component of the rebel groups with his extensive knowledge of the Syrian government – BBC

– The recent unrest in Saudi Arabia has prompted many to question the strength of the current political regime in the country.  Some think it is just scattered Shi’a unrest that will pass while others believe it is finally the beginning of the Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia – Al-Bawaba

– Al-Qaeda militants who continue to unleash attacks on Yemen’s infrastructure are severely disrupting the country’s political system and could pose a risk to international security, a UN report says – BBC

– An Israeli raid on Gaza has left one militant linked to Hamas dead in the first such Israeli raid in over a month – Al-Bawaba

– Saudi Arabia has officially announced that it will send two female athletes to the London Olympics in honor of the country’s promise to give more rights to females – BBC


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