Middle East News – July 9th

Female soccer players are now allowed to wear headscarves while they play thanks to a recent change in FIFA legistlation

– Israel’s reigning prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to crowds today promising reform of Israel’s military draft laws after protests broke out throughout the country yesterday.  He says that Israeli Arabs and ultra-orthodox Jews will have to “share the burden” if Israel’s army is to remain strong – CNN

– The UN ambassador to Syria, Kofi Annan, hailed talks he had with president Assad yesterday as productive, and he remained hopeful that the two sides were moving towards a peaceful resolution – Al-Jazeera

– Following the shooting of a prominent Shia cleric Saudi Arabia was rocked by protesters demanding more rights for the Shi’ite minorities in the country.  Two protesters were killed by police gunfire and another two were injured – Al-Jazeera

– After Egypt’s president Mohamed Morsi called for Egypt’s Parliament to reconvene his attempt was rebuffed by the lead court of Egypt.  The judges say that last month’s ruling to partially dissolve the country’s parliament was final and that Morsi is not allowed to reconvene parliament without fresh elections – Al-Jazeera

– FIFA’s recently ruled that it was okay for female players to wear headscarves in soccer, which opens up the doors for many Muslim countries to start female soccer leagues – Al-Bawaba

– The American University of Beirut, Lebanon’s most prestigious university, has been accused of having a Zionist agenda after its decision to honor a series of ‘pro-Zionist’ alumni – Al-Bawaba


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