Middle East News – July 8th

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s newest president, was applauded by many for reforming the country’s parliament that was dissolved by the military less than a month ago

– Bahrain is planning to build a sprawling Industrial City area that will help to prop up the entire countries economy by creating over 240,000 jobs and will satisfy Bahrain’s projected economic needs until 2040 – Al-Bawaba

– Yemen’s military has been placed on high alert after Al-Qaeda officials threatened to perform a prison break on prisons holding large numbers of captive Al-Qaeda militants.  This is the next step in the war between government and militant forces that has been escalating throughout the year – CNN

– Netanyahu’s party has backed a controversial law that would take away the conscription exemption given to many members of ultra-orthodox Jewish sects – BBC

– Koffi Anan has publicly admitted that he ‘failed’ in his duty to relieve the crisis in Syria while also saying that Iran needed to be an integral part of any peace talks with the Assad regime due to its close connections to the embattled Syrian government – Al-Bawaba

– In a widely supported move, Muhammad Morsi, Egypt’s new president, has annulled the ruling of the military that effectively dissolved the country’s parliament two weeks ago. Many are hopeful that this is a sign Morsi will honor his pledge to support democracy in Egypt – BBC

– Thousands of Syrians fled to Jordan amidst the violent chaos in their country, with a few of their lives being detailed here – Al-Bawba

– The United Nations had released a new memorandum that details the strategies that it hopes to use in Syria after previous strategies of placing observers throughout the country had categorically failed – CNN

– A U.S. judge has ordered the state of Iran to pay $813 million to the families of U.S soldiers killed in the 1983 terrorist attack in Beirut, Lebanon that Iran is known to have directly sponsored.  If Iran will pay the settlement is unknown – Al-Jazeera

– Libyan election officials have begun to collect and count the votes from the country’s first modern democratic election. The liberal party is rumored to be in the lead throughout most of the country – BBC

– Syrian forces have begun holding “large-scaled military exercises” in order to simulate the threats presented by the entrance of foreign military powers into the nation, a fear that grows more possible the longer the Syrian conflict continues – BBC


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