Middle East News – June 30th

– The United Nations has come to an international agreement that they say is the first step to placing a new regime in power in Syria.  – CNN.  But all of their plans hinge on Assad stepping down from power, leading many to say this is another failed attempt by the UN to solve the Syria crisis diplomatically – Al-Bawaba

– The Turkish government has begun to mobilize the nation’s military on its border with Syria. This comes in retaliation to the Syrian downing of a Turkish jet that accidentally entered its airspace – CNN

– Polifact.com has created a ‘Morsi Meter,’ which aims to track sixty four different promises made by the new Egyptian President Morsi as he attempts to bring democracy back to Egypt – CNN

– The Saudi government has announced that it will be training 450 religious policeman to patrol popular tourist sites in order to make sure that Islamic law is adhered to by foreign visitors – Al-Bawaba

– Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Shamir died today at 96 years of age. Shamir led Israel during two periods in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  He was the first Israeli prime minister to deal with the Palestinian Intifadah and the Lebanon crisis – Al-Jazeera

– Caterpillar, the international manufacturer of bulldozers, has been removed from the socially responsible lists of international businesses.  This is in reaction to use of Caterpillar products to evict Palestinians from their homes by the Israeli government – Al-Jazeera

– Hamas has declared that one of their senior members was assassinated while in Damascus, Syria – Al-Jazeera

– UNESCO has officially placed the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on its World Heritage List.  This is the first World Heritage site from the nation of Palestine, which is not recognized by most international organizations – CNN


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