Middle East News – June 5th

Abu Yahya al-Libi, Al Qaeda’s number two man, has been the target of dozens of recent US drone attacks in Pakistan

– Egypt has moved forward with their trial of 43 NGO workers (many from the United States) who they say were operating illegally and disturbing the peace during last spring’s protests – if the trials continue Egypt could lose all of its aid money from the United States, well over a billion dollars annually – CNN

– For decades Syria has militarily and politically interfered in Lebanon and Iraq and is now threatening to become just like those divided, sectarian countries – CNN

– In reaction to international governments expelling Syrian diplomats, Syria has said that ambassadors from many western countries are no longer welcome within its borders – BBC – Meanwhile Syria has finally allowed for UN humanitarian aid to enter the country, a hopeful sign for the thousands of displaced citizens within its borders – Al-Jazeera

– The amped up drone strikes in Pakistan have apparently been targeted at Abu Yahya al-Libi, Al-Qaeda’s number two man – It is not yet known if the attacks hit their targets or not – CNN – Many in the Middle East feel that these drone attacks could lead to an era dominated by secret operations and a United States president who is no longer accountable for his actions – Al-Jazeera

– Many Syrian Kurds, mostly army defectors, have fled to northern and western Iraq – Ironic considering the traditional anti-Kurd attitude the Iraqi government has taken – Al-Jazeera

– A Kuwaiti man who allegedly insulted the Prophet on Twitter has been sentenced to ten years in prison in a landmark case on freedom of speech in a nominally Islamist country – Al-Bawaba

– When will America intervene in Syria? Huffington Post

– Thousands of Islamic clerics protested yesterday in Jordan over low salaries and a perceived government failure to give them autonomy from the political system – Al-Bawaba


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