Middle East News – June 1st

– Vladimir Putin struck back against comments by Hilary Clinton yesterday that Russia is ‘propping up’ the Assad regime in Syria – Putin denies that Russia is giving weapons to Syria – CNN

– The Arab League has urged for the UN to be allowed to send more monitors to Syria and for the monitors to have extended powers that allow them to protect the Syrian people – Al-Jazeera

– An Al-Jazeera editorial on why Israel refuses to give equal rights to the African immigrants that reside within it – Al-Jazeera

– Mohammed Abdel-Mawla al-Hariri is a Syrian news journalist who was sentenced to death for ‘high treason’ by the Assad regime for giving an interview that was critical of the government – His sentencing leads to doubts that credible journalism can continue in Syria – Al-Jazeera

– For the last 31 years one things has been constant in Egypt, the state of emergency that has continued to exist in the country through all political situations – the military administration finally officially ended this three decade long state of emergency yesterday – BBC

– New statistics show that Middle Eastern women are better educated than Middle Eastern men, but still are not being given equal employment or wages – CNN

– An Egyptian judge is prepped to deliver a verdict on the corruption charges (among others) leveled against former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak – BBC

– The Israeli-Gaza border became violent again today as a Gazan citizen and Israeli soldier were killed in a class in the contentious area – This is the first violence in the area for some months, and everyone hopes it will not continue – BBC

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