Middle East News – May 31st

– An Iranian man who escaped Iran after being imprisoned has begun a journey to run across the entire Middle East (finishing at Mt. Everest) in order to raise awareness for peace and solidarity in the region – CNN

– Yemen, which relies primarily on tourism and oil for its economy, has witnessed a sharp decline in tourism in recent months as violence between Yemen’s government and Al-Qaeda militants heightens – Al- Jazeera

– Israel has returned the bodies of ninety Palestinians who have been killed in conflicts with Israel since 1967 after holding them against Palestinian will for decades – Al-Jazeera

– Hillary Clinton directly blamed Russia for propping up Asad’s Syrian regime and said that Russia could be one of the primary causes of an impending civil war in Syria – BBC

– An Israeli citizen has been jailed for attempting to become a Palestinian citizen, highlighting the extensive tensions that still exist between these two ‘countries’ – al-bawaba

– The rebels in Syria have said that they give Assad until noon on Friday to okay the peace plan put forward by the UN’s Kofi Annan – if he does not accept the plan the rebels will also not stick by the plan’s stipulations, probably leading to further escalations of violence – al-bawaba

– Iranian officials have admitted that they have been supplying Assad’s regime with weapons and supplies through the ue of civilian airplanes, propping up his floundering regime – al-bawaba


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