Middle East News – May 30th

– The UN has discovered another grave of over a dozen bodies in Syria, resembling the Houla massacre found last week – Al Jazeera

– Iran has blamed the United States and Israel for perpetuating the Flame virus that is wreaking havoc on Iran’s internet infrastructure – Flame is considered one of the most intricate viruses ever developed – Al Jazeera

– Arabic has overtaken English as the most used language on Facebook in the Middle East – al-bawaba

– Christians in Egypt were not specifically targeted by any political candidates in the recent elections, leaving them to begrudgingly choose a candidate who is closest to their interests – many do not see a ‘good’ choice – al-bawaba

– Syria reports that it will finish its investigation of the Houla massacre sometime tomorrow – Syria is certain its military was not involved, while the UN is equally convinced the Syrian government is culpable – CNN

– The Flame virus continues to harm internet users in Iran and Syria – the virus attacks the computers of many who are trying to circumvent the censors in both countries – BBC

– Only a couple of days before Mubarak’s trial will end, two of his sons were convicted of insider trading, shedding doubt on the criminal nature of the Mubarak administration – CNN

– A rise in female entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia is giving females more economic power than ever before in a country where they can’t yet drive – CNN

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