Middle East News – May 29th

Egyptian presidential candidate Ahmad Shafiq headquarters were burned down yesterday by protesters after the results of Egypt’s recent presidential election were announced.

– Egypt’s wine-makers (among other industries) fear what would happen to the country’s economy if Islamic law was implemented.  Wine and all other alcohol would be banned according to teachings from the Qur’an and hadith – CNN

– In response to the instability in Lebanon caused by the Syrian conflict Israel has begun to build a wall along its border with Lebanon in order to ensure the safety of border residents – al-bawaba

– Egypt’s political election continues to be rocked by  controversy as a horde of protesters set fire to presidential candidate Ahmad Shafiq’s headquarters when the results of the election were announced (Shafiq came in first) – Al Jazeera

– Mohammad Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate in Egypt, has promised to create a bi-partisan regime that will include elements of the entire Egyptian political scope – BBC

– A reporter from Amnesty International’s response to the international inactivity in regards to the Syrian conflict – Al Jazeera

– Countries around the world have begun expelling Syrian diplomats as a condemnation of Syria’s ‘excecution’ of many at Houla last week.  Syrian leader Assad also met with UN’s Kofi Annan, and said the violence will not stop until ‘terrorism’ within Syria is stopped- Al Jazeera

– Recently Iran has been hit by a wave of cyber attacks that attempted to gain control of secret information in Iran’s technological infrastructure.  Yesterday though, Iran announced that they have discovered a solution to defend against these attacks and keep their secrets safe – BBC

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