Middle East News – May 28th

Russian Prime Minister Putin’s stance on the continued rule of Syria’s Assad has come under fire from other nations hoping to end the Syrian conflict

– Russia’s stance on the Syrian conflict is difficult to determine, and Russia seems to stand in the way of any foreign intervention into Syria itself, instead wishing for Assad to remain in power – Al Jazeera

– The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in post-Mubarak Egypt has been quick and rather unexpected – read about the origins of its new found prominence here from Al Jazeera

– Famous Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker publicly prayed for President Assad of Syria to die recently, courting controversy and support from all sides – al-bawaba

– Women in Yemen have taken to suing a Yemeni political candidate who insulted women who were recently protesting – al-bawaba

– Nineteen people were killed in a mall fire in Qatar yesterday, including some children as well – Al Jazeera

– The Egyptian youth is forced to choose between two candidates in the upcoming run-off election – one who worked in the previous Mubarak administration, and another from the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood – BBC

– Saudi Arabia has opened up a massive park just outside the bustling capital city of Riyadh.  Wadi Hanifah offers a sanctuary for residents to relax and is a bold new step in environmentalism in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general – BBC

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