Middle East News – May 25th

Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, will be one of two run-off contenders for the next phase of the Egyptian elections

– The candidate from the Muslim Brotherhood political party has taken the lead in the most recent tallies from the Egyptian election – CNN

– Amnesty International has issued a statement condemning the inaction of non-Middle Eastern countries in relation to the democratic protests of the Arab Spring.  Other countries talked  a lot, but did little to help the protesters – BBC

– The levels of enriched Uranium at Iranian nuclear facilities have been found to be 20% than agreed upon, leading to further speculation about Iran’s future nuclear capabilities – BBC

– The United States has publicly criticized Israel’s treatment of African migrant workers, saying that they are denied of basic social services – BBC

– Egypt’s military continues to torture detainees, leading to protests about the un-democratic nature of the government – CNN

– The UN has admitted that they have no ‘Plan B’ for dealing with the Syrian situation amidst the failure of last month’s ceasefire – CNN

– The Syrian violence continues to spill over into Lebanon where an anti-Assad cleric was shot in the streets – CNN


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