L&S Teaching Assistants Training

The College of Letters & Science invites you to a special program designed to build and enhance your teaching skills. Please set aside Thursday, August 30, 2012 from 9:00am to 4:30pm for the 23rd annual L&S Teaching Assistants Training. The training will take place in the Humanities Building and pre-registration is not required.  A free lunch will be provided to all participants.

This year’s program focuses around narrowing the achievement gap and features workshops and panels for both new and experienced TAs on a wide array of issues. Among many other topics, we’ll discuss:

  • First day tips and teaching techniques to help you establish a positive learning environment for all students in your class,
  • Tools to help you establish authority in the classroom,
  • Techniques to help you motivate your students and keep them engaged throughout the semester,
  • Ways for you to balance your teaching responsibilities with your life as a graduate student.

Those who will teach controversial subject matter or a required class for non-majors will find workshops dedicated to those challenges. A special session for international TAs is also part of the training program.

Please visit the L&S Teaching Assistants Resource Center website for updated information on specific workshops and panels offered at the Fall TA Training.

Or contact Brian Bubenzer (bubenzer@ls.wisc.edu, 608-265-0603) with questions.


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