New Podcasts on Judaism- May 2012

New Podcasts Available through iTunes U
The Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies is pleased to make our lectures available to the public through a series of free audio podcasts on iTunes U. When you subscribe to our podcasts, new episodes will automatically download to your computer, allowing you to listen to our lectures at your leisure. Click here for more information on how to subscribe.

We have recently added podcasts for the following events:

The Question of Zionism: A Symposium on the Left and its Relationship to Israel  

In recent decades, sympathy toward Israel among Leftists in Europe and the United States has given way to hostility.  Perceived in its early years as a vital experiment in socialist democracy, Israel is now typically viewed by radicals and even many progressives as a colonialist power.  What explains this shift in opinion?  Does it reflect larger changes in the politics of the Left or, rather, changes in Israel?  Does hostility toward Israel and Zionism have ramifications beyond the Left itself?  These questions framed a day-long symposium on April 19, 2012 that featured three internationally renowned scholars of socialist history, theory, and politics: Mitchell Cohen (CUNY), Moishe Postone (University of Chicago), and Barbara Epstein (UC Santa Cruz). With introductory remarks by Tony Michels, Mosse Professor of History at UW-Madison.
How did Mysticism Penetrate into Jewish Studies? The Russian Context

Israeli poet and scholar Hamutal Bar-Yosef (Professor Emerita, Ben-Gurion University) describes how research of Jewish mysticism was carried out by Jewish scholars and writers of literature who were influenced by Russian modern mystical trends, which at that period were spreading in Russia and in other European countries.

Memory and History: Reflections on Nuremberg and Other Places

Abraham Lincoln has said that history is to a nation what memory is to a person. Drawing on this idea, Ambassador John L. Hirsch (Senior Fellow, International Peace Institute) considers the role of memory and history in our understanding of conflict and recovery, drawing on his 2011 visit to Nuremberg and Theresienstadt as well as his recollections from serving as an American diplomat in South Africa during the transition from apartheid to nonracial multiparty democracy twenty years ago.


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