Summer 2012 Classes for Middle East Studies

This a little late coming, but better late than never.  If you are interested in adding to your Middle East Studies portfolio this summer there are more than a few classes that might pique your fancy.  Of course you can e-mail the Middle East Studies Program at if you have any questions about classes, credits or anything to do with the Middle East.  Here are a few of the classes being offered this summer –

Languages –

LCA 321 – First Semester Arabic

LCA 322 – Second Semester Arabic

LCA 323 – Third Semester Arabic

LCA 324 – Fourth Semester Arabic

LCA 331 – First Semester Kazak

LCA 332 – Second Semester Kazak

LCA 339 – First Semester Turkish

LCA 340 – Second Semester Turkish

LCA 363 – First Semester Persian

LCA 364 – Second Semester Persian

Religion –

Religious Studies 271 – Religion – History and Culture: The West



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