Check out the Inside Islam blog

The conceptions (or rather misconceptions) about Islam in the world today are wide are far-reaching, and range from minor theological differences to abject racism and Islamophobia.  There aren’t as many resources as there should be to instruct the general public on the basic tenets of Islam, but right here at UW there is a great blog/radio show entitled Inside Islam that should be checked out by anyone wanting to objectively learn more about this misunderstood world religion.  There is a daily blog here that highlights particularly issues concerning Islam in great detail that will inform a reader with any level of knowledge concerning Islam.  This organization is a great gateway for others as well who may be lacking understanding of the basics of Islam.  So tell all your non-Middle East Studies majors friends about it so they will stop not knowing Ramadan from Zakat.



2 thoughts on “Check out the Inside Islam blog

  1. Its really too bad that religions cant get along. They all really have the same goal of making the world a better place, but some people take advantage of that (al qaeda for Islam, there are many Christian groups too)

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