Fall 2012 Middle East Studies Courses

Here is the new and updated list of all the exciting courses you can take this fall to fulfill your Middle East studies certificate – or if you want to learn more about the dynamic and increasingly important region of the Middle East.  E-mail cmes@mideast.wisc.edu if you have any questions about the classes listed here, or about the major, or about the Middle East in general – we will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.  Good luck in the coming semester and whatever classes you may choose!

-Middle East Studies Program

Fall 2011 Courses in Middle East Studies

Core Course

LCA 266: Introduction to the Middle East

Introductory Languages

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 101: First Semester Modern Hebrew

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 103/303: Elementary Biblical Hebrew

African Languages and Literature – LCA Language 321: First Semester Arabic

LCA Language 339: First Semester Turkish

LCA Language 363: First Semester Persian

 Religion and Culture –

Religious Studies 211: Introduction to Judaism

Religious Studies 271: Religion in History & Culture: The West

LCA-Religious Studies 370: Islam: Religion and Culture

History and Social Science –

History-LCA-Religious Studies 205:  Islamic World:  Middle East, 500-1500 C.E.

History-Medieval Studies-Religious Studies 309: Crusades: Christianity, Judaism & Islam

History-Religious Studies 379: Islam in Iran

Jewish Studies 665: Israeli Politics and Society

Advanced Language Courses (May count for UP to 3 credits) –

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 301: Introduction to Hebrew Literature

African Languages & Literatures- LCA Language 323: Third Semester Arabic

LCA Language 439: Third Semester Turkish

LCA Language 445: Readings – Advanced Arabic Texts – Contemporary Arabic Fiction

LCA Language 463: Third Semester Persian

LCA Language 539:  Fifth Semester Turkish & Azeri

LCA Language 563: Fifth Semester Persian

LCA Language 601: Seventh Semester Turkish – Azeri

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 605: Syriac I

Elective Courses –

Medieval Studies-History-Religious Studies 112:  Late Antiquity (200-900 C.E.)

Literature in Translation 214: Literatures of Central Asia in Translation

Literature in Translation 257: Literature of Muslim Societies

LCA 236 – Bascom Course: Culture and Imperialism Along the Silk Road

LCA 314: Literature of Central Asia

LCA 357: Literature of Muslim Societies

LCA 379: Cities of Asia*

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 201: Introduction to Hebrew Literature

Hebrew & Semitic Studies 217: Introduction to Biblical Literature

Hebrew & Semitic Studies 241: Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 401: Survey of Modern Hebrew Literature

Hebrew and Semitic Studies – Jewish Studies 448: Classical Rabbinic Texts

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 451:  Biblical Archaeology I Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 513:  Biblical Texts, Poetry

Hebrew & Semitic Studies-Jewish Studies 533: Readings in Contemporary Hebrew Literature

Hebrew and Semitic Studies 655: Psalms

History of Science-Medical History & Bioethics-Population Health Sciences 553: International Health and

Global Society

* Course may not yet show up in DARS, please address Professor Uli Schamiloglu

(uschamil@wisc.edu) with questions.

fall-20l2-course-list – Pdf document for the 2012 course schedule for Middle East Studies