Upcoming MESP Lecture on Tuesday, April 12

MESP has a lecture coming up on Tuesday, April 12 at 6 pm by Professor Adeed Dawisha.  The lecture is entitled “The Winter of their Discontent: Arabs, Revolutions and Democratic Struggles” and will be held in Ingraham Hall, Room 206.  It is co-sponsored with the Department of Political Science

Adeed Dawisha is a Distinguished Professor at Miami University and has researched extensively on the international and comparative politics of the Middle East.  In addition to over 65 journal articles and book chapters, Dr. Dawisha has published 10 books, the latest of which is “Iraq: A Political History from Independence to Occupation” (Princeton, 2009).  He has written articles for the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and International Herald Tribune. He has also appeared on British and American television, most frequently on CNN and the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, and has been interviewed regularly by National Public Radio and the BBC’s world and domestic services.

If you need any further information, please feel free to email cmes@mideast.wisc.edu.

Thank you so much and we hope to see you there!

Middle East Studies Program