Galilee Exchange Program

A message from the Coordinator:

My name is William Spisak, I am from the American Mideast Leadership Network, a 
non-profit organization based in New York that seeks to improve relations 
between the U.S. and the Arab world  through exchange programs. I am writing to 
you in regards to our latest  program, the "My Galilee" Exchange Program in 
Israel this Summer. "My Galilee", organized with our sister organization the  
American Cultural Center of Nazareth (ACCON), is a unique initiative as  it 
focuses on grassroots dialogue between American students and  Arab-Israeli 
students in the Galilee- a part of Israel with an Arab  majority. This program 
will display the truly multidimensional nature of  the Israeli-Palestinian 
conflict. The program will include daily Arabic classes, meetings with political 
leaders,  dialogue sessions with Arab-Israeli students to discuss salient issues  
in US-Arab relations, meetings with civic leaders from across the political 
spectrum, and of course visits to all the historical sites associated with the 
Galilee and Jerusalem. 

For more information you can visit our partner's site at  otherwise email me 
or feel free to call me at 347-924-9674. We are currently accepting 
applications, and seats are  limited.Thank  you.  


William Spisak 
Employment and Internship Services Coordinator 
American Mideast Leadership Network
P: 347-924-9674
F. 917-591-2177
25-82 Steinway St/ Suite 2R 
Astoria, NY 11103