Opportunity – Academic Field Program

A message from the Program Director:

We would like to invite you to take part in the academic field program in Israel: “Coexistence in the Middle East”, sponsored by the Israel National Commission for UNESCO from June 26th-July 26th, 2011. View other dates

Experience the challenge of human diversity where civilizations, nations and religions converge and receive 3 credits from the Rothberg International School at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), rated among the World’s top 120 universities.

You may also take additional summer courses at the HUJI and/or get a chance to see the Pyramids of Egypt or the Lost City of Petra in Jordan.

For general information about the program please refer to the links that appear on the side, the videos below or the following file: Program.PDF

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Join students from 32 campuses in 11 countries who have already participated in “Coexistence in the Middle East”!

Coexistence in the Middle East
Academic Field Program in Israel
Experience the challenge of human diversity…

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