Upcoming Opportunity: “The Global Renaissance: Some New Perspectives

A message from David Loewenstein, Professor of English at UW Madison:


Dear Graduate Students Working in Early Modern Studies,


On April 1, 2011, the Center for Early Modern Studies at UW-Madison will put on a one-day conference on the topic of “The Global Renaissance: Some New Perspectives.”  The conference will mostly take place during the afternoon of Friday, April 1. We will have several keynote speakers: Jyostna Singh, Professor at Michigan State University and editor of the very recent Blackwell companion to THE GLOBAL RENAISSANCE; Su Fang Ng, a Professor at the U of Oklahoma working on early modern literature and encounters with Asia; and Neil Whitehead, Professor of Anthropology at UW-Madison.  If your current work intersects in any way with the themes of the conference, I would be glad to hear from you, since I expect to organize one or two discussion panels around the topics mentioned below.  This conference will explore the “Global Renaissance” from a variety of perspectives, including the following topics: the exchange of commodities and goods; encounters with distant cultures; intellectual exchange between cultures; the circulation of scientific ideas; literary representations of non-European cultures.  In any case, I want you to feel very welcome to attend this event.


Best wishes,

David Loewenstein