Upcoming Event: Sawyer Seminar on Human Rights

FRIDAY, JANUARY 28 at 9:00 a.m. in The University Club, Room 313.

“What is the Human?  Human Rights and Developments in Technology and the Life Sciences”

Noa Vaisman, the HRI post-doctoral fellow, has provided this introduction to the seminar:

In recent years, rapid developments in scientific knowledge and technologies have been challenging us to reconsider our human condition. From the new genetics to biometric identification techniques, from stem cells to new pharmaceuticals, these technological innovations and emerging scientific knowledge are calling into question Western assumptions about race, gender, class and the boundaries of the human body. Although many studies on these topics have been done to date, the impact of developments in the life sciences on our current understanding of human rights has not received as much attention. How should our conception of the human and of rights change in response to these emerging technologies? How should human rights laws and discourse change in response to new forms of knowledge? What moral guidelines and social structures are shaping our understanding of these emerging forms? The Human Rights Sawyer Seminar aims to answer these questions by both mapping out recent research in the intersection of human rights and the life sciences and by exploring new and productive directions in this interdisciplinary project.

Hosted by the Human Rights Initiative of UW Madison.