Opportunity: Fellowships with The American Academic Research Institute in Iraq

Application Deadline: December 15, 2010

TAARII is a consortium of American universities, museums, and other scholarly institutions dedicated to the furtherance of research in and on Iraq. The Institute invites proposals from U.S. scholars for feasible research on Iraq-related topics outside the country. Such topics could include remote sensing studies of ancient Iraqi landscapes, environmental studies, research in Ottoman records related to Iraq, historical research, social science projects that involve interviews with Iraqis living abroad, joint projects involving a U.S. scholar and an Iraqi living in the country, and public health studies.

Proposals are invited from individual American post-doctoral and advanced pre-doctoral researchers for awards of up to $10,000. Proposals related to the biological and physical sciences may also be considered.

Please visit the TAARII website for  more information: http://www.taarii.org.