Summer Job Opportunity: Teach English in the Palestinian Refugee Camps of Lebanon

Learning English Advancement Program (LEAP)
Application Deadline: May 7th, 2010
Orientation: June 21st – June 25th 2010
Program Dates: June 28th – July 30th 2010

To learn more about LEAP or apply for the summer program, visit

The Learning English Advancement Program (LEAP) is a pilot English enrichment program for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. LEAP is a rigorous four-week summer program whereby volunteers will provide intensive English training to develop and enhance the language skills of students that attend UNRWA schools in order to better prepare them for the Brevet exam. The Brevet exam, administered in English, is a Lebanese national exam that all students, including Palestinian refugees, must pass in order to be promoted to high school. Although the focal center of LEAP is English development, there is also an extracurricular component that includes creative activities and field trips, opportunities normally unavailable in the camps.  Moreover, LEAP aims to improve relations and understanding between Americans and Palestinians by bringing American volunteers to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

The Learning English Advancement Program (LEAP) is a grassroots initiative created by former American UNRWA volunteers to create a sustainable and effective English enrichment program for Palestinian refugee students in Lebanon. After learning about the devastating educational performance of Palestinian refugees, particularly in Lebanon, and being exposed to the dismal socio-economic conditions, these volunteers were motivated to establish this Program. UNRWA students generally have poor educational performance rates and high drop-out rates. In addition, many students tend to have low morale towards their education since employment opportunities are bleak and there are few scholarships available for college—discouraging many from pursuing a collegiate-level education. Moreover, Palestinian refugees live in inadequate conditions and lack nourishing summer opportunities that promote comprehensive health.