Summer Seminar in Israel: Exploring the “Two State Solution”

“Political Sciences & Middle East Studies”

Galillee College, Israel: July 7 – August 10, 2010

The “Two State Solution” – What does it mean? Are all Israelis against it? Are all Palestinians in favor?

What led to both the extreme right and extreme left wing Israeli political parties uniting against this idea?

Why are the Israeli Arabs not happy with this solution?

These questions and more will be discussed from different perspectives and points of view at The Galillee College upcoming seminar. This program is designed to impart the full diversity of historical and political interpretation of the conflict that lies at the heart of most contemporary accounts of Israel and Palestine. To achieve this, the program is taught by a broad spectrum of scholars and experts drawn from a range of backgrounds and political opinions, and is reinforced by the lively and rewarding interchange of ideas amongst fellow course participants.

Integral to the program are study tours which bring course participants into direct contact with the historical sites and people involved in the conflict.