Upcoming Event: Teach-Ins on Afghanistan and Pakistan, Sponsored by the Madison Institute

Friday, March 19th and Saturday, March 20th

A group of UW-Madison faculty, students, and alumni have organized a “Teach-In” on the Afghanistan-Pakistan War. The purpose of the Teach-In is to provide a public discussion of the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan that presents alternative information and viewpoints from the official Washington pro-war policy and its justifications. The faculty and community presenters will reflect a variety of views, united only in their opposition to the current pro-war policy. The panel lectures and workshops will cover the major issues of the war and then invite audience questions and discussion.

“The Current Crises in the Afghanistan-Pakistan War”

Friday at 7 pm: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street

“President Obama’s Afghan War: What His Policy Leaves Out”

Saturday 9 am-noon and 2-5 pm: Check ‘Today in the Union’ listings for locations