George Mason University Center for Global Education Seminar on International Reporting (12 June-28 July 2010)

George Mason University Center for Global Education Seminar on International Reporting

Jerusalem, Israel
12 June–28 July 2010
This unique seminar provides graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to develop their reporting and communication skills while living in Jerusalem. Students will meet leading journalists, visit media outlets—print, broadcast and online—and learn how to reach a global audience across a variety of media platforms by focusing on issues such as culture, politics, religion, environment and business. Students will also work with seasoned foreign correspondents like Linda Gradstein who specialize in Middle Eastern and international affairs as they learn interview techniques, hone reporting skills, acquire hands-on experience, and build proficiency in multimedia tools. The program is for 6 graduate or undergraduate credits. For information, visit:

To speak with someone about either George Mason program, contact: Sarah Mournighan, Center for Global Education, George Mason University, 235 Johnson Center, MSN 2B8, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax VA 22030-4444 (Fax: 703 993-2106;smournig@gmu.edu

To apply, visit:

Deadline: March 19, 2010.