George Mason University Center for Global Education: Internships in Israel & Palestine (29 May–28 July 2010)

George Mason University Center for Global Education: Internships in Israel & Palestine
29 May–28 July 2010
This unique Internship Program begins with a week-long seminar in Jerusalem where leading Israeli and Palestinian experts, representatives of non-governmental organizations (NOGs0, peace activists, and private sector and government officials will address the group and share their perspectives on the dynamics of Israeli-Palestinian relations. Site visits will be made to settlements in the territories, refugee camps, government offices, and cultural institutions. For the remaining eight weeks, students work for four/five days per week–eight hours a day in either the Palestinian Territories (Ramallah, Bethlehem)–or Israel (Jerusalem, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth)and other locations. Internships are related to conflict resolution, politics, international relations or business and finance in Israel and Palestine. Students will receive 6-9 undergraduate or graduate credits. For information, visit:

To speak with someone about either George Mason program, contact: Sarah Mournighan, Center for Global Education, George Mason University, 235 Johnson Center, MSN 2B8, 4400 University Drive, Fairfax VA 22030-4444 (Fax: 703 993-2106;smournig@gmu.edu

To apply, visit:

Deadline: March 19, 2010.