Arizona State University Conflict Resolution in Cyprus, Greece & Turkey (10 June–01 July 2010)

Arizona State University Conflict Resolution in Cyprus, Greece & Turkey 10 June–01 July 2010
The Cyprus/Greece/Turkey summer study abroad program is geared toward all ASU students who wish to investigate conflict resolution in the Eastern Mediterranean, from different perspectives. The five week program will spend the first week (01-05 June) on the ASU Tempe campus, and last week (28 June –02 July) online. The second week will be in Greece, the third week in Turkey and the fourth week in Cyprus (June 6-27). Upon completion of the program, students (both undergraduates and graduates), will have a much deeper understanding of the political/social/religious/ethnic issues that sustain conflict in the region.
This program is interdisciplinary and will explore these issues, not just academically, but also through the meeting and interviewing of various experts and government officials from each country. This program is a great fit for students in any major, especially those in International Business, Anthropology, History, Political Science, Global Studies, Religious Studies, Global Technology Development, and BIS.

Consult the website for course descriptions. Minimum of six (6) credits. Open to Non-ASU students; 2.0 GPA. or

Visit: Application deadline: February 15, 2010. Late applications accepted on a space available basis.