Galillee College Summer Program: Political Sciences and Middle East Studies

Galillee College, Israel has developed a summer programme for students from around the world who are interested in the Middle East. The programme focuses on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, its roots, background and current situation.

The programme begins with an overview of the Land of Israel-Palestine region, presenting the historical background of the region, as well as an overview of social and economic conditions, ethnic and religious background. The lectures are supplemented by Study Tours to enable students to experience these issues at first hand.

A large part of the programme is dedicated to the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Different aspects of the conflict are examined by Palestinian and Israeli lecturers and the different points of view are discussed. Additional processes in neighbouring countries, which affect Israel and the Palestinian Authority, are presented as well.

The programme seeks to deepen the participants’ knowledge of conditions, developments and trends in Israel, the Palestinian territories and the surrounding lands and to highlight some of the diverse issues at the centre of the political, social and religious divides in the Middle East.

Students who are familiar with Middle East studies will spend 5 weeks in the area studying the relationship and interactions between the various political, ethnic and religious groups and how these peoples fit into the political, social and cultural frameworks of Israel and the neighbouring lands. The programme will include 150 academic hours with a limited number of background lectures, in addition to study tours, field trips, panel discussions and workshops. This programme will afford the visiting students an opportunity to appreciate the finer details of life in the different communities that make up the Middle Eastern human mosaic and acquire a greater awareness of the diversity that has precipitated conflict when adverse conditions prevailed.

Provide an overview of the history of the Land of Israel-Palestine
Acquaint the students with the different ethnic and religious groups in the region, their way
of  life, beliefs, views and inter-relations
Present different perspectives and views regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Develop participants’ understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and current issues

Internationally known Israeli academic experts and Middle East experts will address participants.  Lectures will be supplemented by case study analyses; group discussions and group work; workshops; study tours; games and simulations.

Program Dates: 7 July- 10 August, 2010

Tuition:                     –   US $ 2,850
Local expenses:    Early birds – October 1st –  April 1st : $4,200
Late registration –April 2nd –  June 1st : $4,500

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