Summer 2010 Intensive Arabic: California State University, San Bernardino Program

The California State University, San Bernardino’s Arabic Language Summer Intensive Program. The program is open to all motivated students from the U.S. and abroad. However, in order to maintain high quality instruction and provide individualized attention, only a limited number of students will be admitted.

During the Summer 2010, three distinct engaging and stimulating sessions will be offered:

1-Intensive Beginning Arabic:
This program is geared for individuals who have no prior knowledge of Arabic. During the six-week session, participants will complete the equivalent of an entire year of Beginning College Arabic. Students should expect to spend their week, Mondays through Thursdays, immersed in the program all day long. Opportunities for extra curricular activities, such as learning the art of calligraphy, folk dancing, ethnic cooking, in addition to watching movies from the Arab world, listening to guest speakers speeches, and going on field trips are also available during weeknights and on Fridays.

2-Residential & Intensive Intermediate Arabic:
This program is specially tailored for students who have already completed the equivalent of one year of Arabic language at the college level. This program is both intensive and residential: i.e., students are strongly encouraged to live in the dorms to fully benefit from the immersion program. The extra curricular activities described in the Intensive Beginning Arabic program above are requirements for this one. In addition, students will be living, communicating, interacting and connecting with Native Arab students.

3-Study Abroad:
This program has been carefully crafted for students to develop their language skills at the Intermediate high / Advance Low level. During the Summer 2010, our students will be part of a very rich program in Jordan that combines all activities already included in the residential/intensive programs in addition to combining language study with visits to historic and tourist attractions and doing internships in several non-governmental organizations. This program will give participants the opportunity to be fully immersed and connected with the people and cultures of the Arab world.

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Summer Intensive Arabic Program
California State University, San Bernardino
Application Procedures

The application deadline is February 19, 2010 (or until filled)
The application procedure is a two-step process:
1) Complete and submit an application.
2) The selection committee will notify you of its final decision on or before March 26, 2010.
If accepted, you will receive a welcome package with instructions about how to prepare for
the Summer Arabic program at California State University, San Bernardino.

Dr. Dany Doueiri
Arabic Program Coordinator
Phone: 909-537-5814
Fax: 909-537-7091

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