Spring Internship Opportunities in the Middle East with AISEC

Have you ever dreamed of coordinating an AIDS Awareness campaign in Morocco? Interested in working with NGOs in Bahrain, or work on environmental legislation in Egypt?
The Middle East-North Africa Growth Network in AIESEC Madison is ready to make your dreams a reality!

AIESEC is an organization dedicated to matching smart, committed individuals with overseas internship opportunities. Through an internship, one develops the leadership skills and personal discipline necessary to excel in any professional field. AIESEC is based in 109 countries around the world, and that means no matter where you want to go or what you want to do, AIESEC will be able to find a personalized internship that matches your specific interests.

Why go on a study abroad program, when you could be PAID to work in a foreign country? In addition, the initial investment to participate is MUCH LESS than fees for study abroad programs!
Don’t take a passive approach to your international experience! Through an AIESEC internship, you will be actively participating in your favorite academic field, interacting with natives, and getting compensated for the work you do. The personal satisfaction from such an experience is tremendous; you won’t want to leave!

These opportunities are AFFORDABLE and readily AVAILABLE (as soon as THIS SPRING semester!) If you’re interested in opportunities in MOROCCO, TUNISIA, BAHRAIN, EGYPT, IRAN, JORDAN, OMAN, QATAR, or the UAE, we will be hosting information sessions to prepare you for what could be one of the best experiences of your entire life.

This is an opportunity to use your political science knowledge and apply it to the real world!

The info sessions are:
Wednesday November 18th at 6pm in 1101 Humanities (There will be Baklava!)
And this Thursday, November 19th we will be having an info session before the Middle East Studies Movie: