Tales from Planet Earth Film Series: “Garbage Dreams” on Nov. 7th

The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies will be screening the film Garbage Dreams (US 2009, 82 minutes) on Saturday, November 7th at 1:30 pm in the Fredric March Play Circle Theater (Memorial Union) as part of the 2009 Tales From Planet Earth Film Festival

The film will be screened in English.  Directed by Mai Iskander, the film received honors at the Nashville Film Festival (winner of the Al Gore Reel Current Award), Hollywood Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Mexico International Film Festival among many others.

Garbage Dreams is the story of the zaballeen, some 60,000 people at the bottom of Egyptian society, who nevertheless are indispensable to the functioning of Cairo, as they daily collect and recycle 80 percent of Cairo’s garbage. But globalization is threatening their way of life, as foreign companies (far more concerned with revenues than recycling) are taking their garbage from them. As the world around them changes, three teenage boys – Adham, Osama, and Nabil – must navigate their uncertain futures, as they dream of a better life and try to do right by their families. Winner of the Al Gore Reel Current Prize for important current environmental film. (courtesy of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies)